IPython notebook custom css

Here is the custom css I use for my ipython notebook. It is not finished but I think it is a great improvement from the default, the biggest change being that I removed the In/Out prompt. There are some changes to the margins and colours too, and a red dotted line is drawn around running cells. The font for the code was changed to Inconsolata-bz (you need to install that font to get exactly the same look).


To use this custom css as default, first create an ipython default profile:

$ ipython profile create

Create the directory that will contain the custom.css file:

$ mkdir -p ~/.config/ipython/profile_default/static/custom

Save the code below as custom.css in the directory you just created.

Download the file here: custom.css

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3 Responses to IPython notebook custom css

  1. Ron Modesitt says:

    I see no changes whatsoever in my IPython Notebook. I am running Linux Mint 13 on a Dell Precision 690 with 8 Gb ram. Do you have any suggestions where I might begin to look for the problem?


  2. Ron Modesitt says:

    I did not include in my previous comment that I am using the Anaconda IPython installation.
    Thanks again,

  3. louic says:

    Hi Ron,
    It is hard to say without more information. It could be that you have an old version of ipython that does not yet support custom css. I am running ipython version 1.1.0 on Arch Linux.

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